freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Create a Linear Scale with D3

Create a Linear Scale with D3

Problem Explanation

In this D3 challenge you are required to change the scale variable to create a linear scale. Then set the output variable to the scale called with an input argument of 50.


Hint 1

The syntax for creating a scale is:

const scale = d3.scaleLinear();

Hint 2

The const scale is a method, which accepts a value.

Hint 3

The scaling factor should be set to 50.

Hint 4

The scaling factor is set like this:

const output = scale(scalingFactor);

Where scalingFactor is a number.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide) To solve this challenge, the `scale` variable has to be re-initialized with a D3 scale ans the scaling factor in the output has to be set to `50`, to do this, change you code to look like this:
    const scale = d3.scaleLinear();
    const output = scale(50);"body")