freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Create Grids within Grids

Create Grids within Grids

Problem Explanation

A grid within a grid is made the same as any other grid.

  1. Just nest one element inside another,
  2. set them both to grids,
  3. and POOF! You have a grid-within-a-grid.

Nesting an element

For any refreshers, nesting an element looks like this:

Here is your grid
Here is your nested grid

Setting your elements to grids

After that, adjust the following CSS properties:
/* this gives you a grid */
display: grid;

/* this gives you a NESTED grid */
display: grid;

** Notes:**
After that, feel free to customize your grids however you like.
i.e. grid-template-columns: auto 1fr; might look good in that nested grid.

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