freeCodeCamp challenge: sudoku solver

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How do you expect me to do this? :crying_cat_face:

The logic itself seems impossible to me. Can anyone help me by sending a basic tutorial link regarding this thing?

Why does it have to be that tough? :sob:
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Challenge: Sudoku Solver

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Hey Krishna,

yes, the sudoku solver is a hard one!

How about:

  1. reading up on how sudoku exactly works:
  2. gaining some momentum by sorting the user stories by “How high is the probability that I can solve this user story now?”; e.g. I think you are able to solve this one If the puzzle is not 81 numbers or periods long, append the message "Error: Expected puzzle to be 81 characters long." to the error-msg div so the text appears in red.

Thanks. I get it now. Looking at the problem step by step is the key :+1:

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