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Good day everyone, I have a question and I’m not sure if the topic is in this section of the forum, apologies for the case. Well, I open this topic more to ask for your opinion on the freeCodeCamp challenges, worth the redundancy, so far they always propose an example referring to the requested challenge, this is where my doubt comes in, because by pressing “f12” you can see the structure of the page by So it’s like plagiarizing in an exam, is it okay to resort to “f12” in the face of a jam in the challenge? (I am using a translator to write this topic, I hope you understand me… and if learning English is also on my list) thanks in advance.

I’m not sure how opening the dev tools gives you an unfair advantage. The correct solution for the step is not in the DOM. And you can see all of the current HTML/CSS you have created for the project so far.

Can you explain a little more what your concern is? If you are more comfortable using a different language then please do. We can always use google translate.

For example, in the “Build a Technical Documentation Page” part, it tells me to create a website similar to:

and if I agree to open the ‘development tools’, the html part is resolved and I would only go to css to finish the project (well, css is also included in ‘f12’ - in the ‘styles’ part.) am I taking any kind of advantage (for my learning)?

No, this is not an advantage.

I would suggest only looking at other solutions once you have solved it on your own.
But if you are still working on it, then you should not look at solutions but instead research when you get stuck or reach out to the forum for help.

Remember that the goal of the projects, is to practice your skills and learn how to start building things on your own.

If you are jumping straight to the sample project instead of reading through documentation, stack overflow, articles, or asking for help on the forum, then you just cheating yourself out of a valuable learning opportunity that will make you a developer.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for the clarification. I thought that with the ‘developer options’ I was taking some kind of advantage and yes, thank you very much, I will rely on the forum to solve my doubts like now, thank you very much for your time.

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