freeCodeCamp Chicago Study Group Sunday Meetup: Episode 10

:exclamation: Note the 1 PM start time for this meeting.

What We’ll Be Doing

:mag::sunglasses::test_tube: Will be stepping back a bit and reviewing TDD principles at a high-level and then building out a few simple modules using those principles while learning the basics of Jest for testing our JavaScript code.

After this meetup you should have a basic, yet firm, understanding of:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • What you can do with Jest
  • How you can apply TDD to projects you build in the future

Before You Arrive

  • It’s assumed that you’ll have a basic development environment with your favorite IDE setup on your laptop. If you need guidance, post a topic in the forum requesting help and someone will help you.
  • Have a github account with command line access setup
  • Have Node.js installed on your laptop
  • If you haven’t used Node.js before, please do a quick run through of the Node.js Getting Started example to ensure you have a working environment on your laptop.

How To Find Us

Head up the staircase (or use the elevator) to the second floor. We will be in Meeting Room 2 which is located in the northwest corner of the second floor. The meeting room is reserved for the first two hours of the meetup. When our time is up, if we cannot extend our booking we will relocate to another part of the Cafe.

Meeting Point Person

The person to contact about this meeting is: @robertgroves

RSVP Required

  • To RSVP: Click the “going” link located to the right of the date/time in the header of this post
  • RSVP at least 24 hours before the meetup start time
  • If you RSVP but cannot make it, inform the meeting point person ASAP (DM or reply here) and undo your RSVP by clicking the “going” link again

I’d personally like to work more on TDD. I learned so much last week and want to understand it better. But! I’d like to learn more JavaScript in the future too, hopefully project-style because it gives me such encouragement to see all the projects I have on GitHub! :smiley:

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I’ve updated the meetup topic above. More testing it is!