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By this, I stopped using freeCodeCamp. Currently, I only read the resume of news.

Are you sure you haven’t misunderstood someone saying “Never mind! Figured it out!” for a problem that he himself had earlier?

You probably don’t intend to shame anyone and it’s just an oversight, but posting screenshots like this with usernames in it is really not cool. :frowning: Please edit your images.

UPDATE: Oh, you actually censored your Facebook contacts, this is even more uncool now.

EDIT: typos!

@robicombi I think you’re misunderstanding what @jonfulk said. By the looks of it, it looks like they asked a question in chat but eventually solved it on their own, so they typed “nevermind! figured it out!!” (notice that it’s in the past tense). Like you said you’re not American so you might have missed this.

This must be some private room, because when I try to access that gitter channel, I get a 404 error. Maybe I am typing it in wrong.

The room has been archived. You can find it here:

The HelpBonfires archive is fairly large though.

Which makes me wonder. That post was made in late 2015. Why bring this up just now?

I’m confused. WTH is going on here? :


Yeah, it looks like jonfulk wasn’t responding to robicombi.