FreeCodeCamp Course in VSCode

Hi All!

I’ve made two of the most viewed blockchain courses on the FreeCodeCamp youtube, and I’m looking to make another one! This time, I’d like to make some improvements though.

Based on this web3 curriculum repo, it looks like you can build a course right from VSCodel! Before I reverse engineer it to figure out how to make a new course, is there any resource that shows how one would create a course in VSCode with this format?

Thank you!

Welcome there,

We do not have documentation on how to use the tooling, but all of the code is open-source: GitHub - freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCampOS: Test repo for external freeCodeCamp courses

For the Web3 Curricula, we use:

  1. A VSCode extension to tap into the VSCode API:GitHub - freeCodeCamp/courses-vscode-extension: freeCodeCamp VSCode extension to help run and develop courses
  2. A Nodejs / Reactjs app to parse and serve the content: GitHub - freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCampOS: Test repo for external freeCodeCamp courses
  3. Markdown files to write the content:

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions as you along.

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Thanks! This looks great.

Is this meant to be hosted on a website? Or could this be hosted on a website? It looks like I could run an app and host the course on a site (based on your node/react stuff)

Thoughts? I think this would be really cool. I was thinking of using this to create a site dedicated to this course and “give it” to freeCodeCamp.

No, it is not designed with browser-first in mind. The main issue is the fact that everything relies on Nodejs and a VSCode extension.

As I mentioned in one of the issues you opened, you can have this work in the browser, but only in the same sense as Gitpod/Codespaces/CodeAlly. That is, you have to spin up a VM for each session.

This makes sense. Thanks!

Do you know of a good website-hosted course template? That would be invaluable I feel…

Sure thing.

I am not sure what this is? I know of website-hosted courses (e.g freeCodeCamp), and of sites showcasing templates (w3schools).

Right, but I can’t host a course on freeCodeCamp. I mean like a good static site generator for courses.

Or even non-static sites.

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