freeCodeCamp for schools

I’d like to start using freeCodeCamp in a lunchtime coding club at the school I work in. Is there any way around the students signing up without using their email address?


You could use the site without signing in I think, it just won’t save their progress and you’ll miss the gamification aspect of having the increasing points and nice streak map :slight_smile:

In my experience, I’ve never received spam emails as a result of FCC, and (as a teacher a teacher myself) I wouldn’t hesitate to have my students sign up using their school issued email addresses.

That said, I know some schools have strict policies about what you can and can’t expose student emails to.

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This might be too late, but I have an answer:

With your lunch club, your students can do without creating an account, and still access all of the content on freeCodeCamp.

Hope this helps!