Freecodecamp front end libraries project

hello guys, i hope you are doing well
i have just finished the freecodecamp front end libraries projects and i would share them with you.
your feedback are highly appreciated


Hi @sabritrabelsi90 !

You will get more responses to your feedback posts if you only post one project instead of all 5.

Random Quote machine:
There are a few times where the color combinations make it hard to read

I think you projects look good though.
Since you used class based components for all of these you should look into React hooks. Just so you are familiar with them for future projects.

Hope that helps!

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@sabritrabelsi90, agree that posting all five front end projects is a lot to review.

One thing to revisit;

  • the Markdown Previewer doesn’t have the editor on smaller screens. There is no way for the user to interact.
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Hi @jwilkins.oboe
i totally agree, it would be better if i posted each project individually, i will manage to handle this.

  • regarding the color combinations, i guess i need to drop the randomColor dependency and change it with an already set colors.
  • React hooks is on my bucket list.
    Thank you for your feedback, i appreciate it a lot

Hi @Roma, thank you for the feedback
on smaller screens the user has to drag the splitter to navigate from the editor to the previewer and vice versa, I have changed the color of the splitter to be more clear.

I see it now @sabritrabelsi90. Prior to posting I had searched for it but couldn’t find it.
Take it with a grain of salt, I’d like it better if they stacked. This way I could see output as I typed.

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