freeCodeCamp in USA Today

Mark Cuban read my latest article and clicked the “tweet this link” button at the bottom of it, tweeting with my pre-populated message: “automation will cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it”

It’s pretty cool that I inadvertently put words in Mark Cuban’s mouth that made headlines.

The moral of the story is: share your thoughts. You never know who’s reading, or how you might end up impacting public discourse.

Here’s the USA Today article:

It also ended up on CNBC:


Wow - that’s incredible!


Wow, that’s incredible. Now, hopefully more people will learn about You, FCC and Robot Threats. :slight_smile:

Robot should be tax… what has this world come to… taxing dead things. Might as well tax the green grass too.

Couldn’t agree more. There is no way that they will be able to tax robots. IMO the only way forward is going to be universal income and a total revamp of our education system to prepare kids for the jobs that will still be there when they finish school. Programming and electronic engineering need to be taught at an elementary level. They are simply going to be needed regardless of were you end up.


Knowing the democrats, they will probably find a way to get them to vote too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats! It’s great that we can have our voice heard and amplified.