freeCodeCamp Instagram Laravel Tutorial

Hi Everyone.

So here I am, doing the freeCodeCamp instagram tutorial ( Laravel PHP Framework Tutorial - having an absoloute ball. I’ve got to the point where I can post images, they re-size, everything is working perfect (2:30:00).

I opened git bash (my terminal) and had php artisan tinker still running, I accidentally entered:


in tinker which output

Aliasing 'Post' to 'App\Post' for this Tinker session.
=> Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Builder {#3044}
>>> exit

Which from what I understand dropped all the posts, thing is when I try to navigate to the posts.create page, which was working fine before the above it brings up a 404 error, not even a warning/debug page. I find this strange as none of the code has changed, only the above I accidentally ran in tinker…

Just thought I’d make this post here in case anyone was familiar with the tutorial and has an idea of what I’ve done.

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Thanks for the advice.