Freecodecamp is Down

Hey Campers is it just me or is the site down. I cant acces it at all has been down all day as far as I can tell - is working

Ha Thanks for the save. Back to work Camper.

Thanks for the heads-up on (without the www) not forwarding correctly. We’re fixing this.

We’ve been working on identifying some issues all day and creating systems to prevent these sorts of things from happening in the future.

I tweet status updates on as well. If you ever notice we’re down and don’t see a status update, that means we don’t yet realize we’re down - which is what happened yesterday for an hour or so :cry:

The site is down again today. 502 Error.

Okay, so it is not just me!

Went down for me in Toronto about an hr ago :frowning:

Its back up and running, just in time for me to start the Wikipedia viewer Project!

I’m still getting a 502 error :frowning:

woohoo! Back up and running.

Hey, it went down for me too. I’m glad it’s working now though, I felt a little lost without it and forgot this was independent from it.