freeCodeCamp is failing to load

Hi there!

The FreeCodeCamp web page is failing to load? Is there any technical issue arising ? Or it is only happening to me?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, there is a banner up about it now.

The outage is affecting half of the internet sadly. Thanks for your patience.

Left or right half? :wink:

Yeah, I just got an error going to a different, unrelated forum.

We did lose close to half people on our platforms:

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Hi, I guess this also effects the login. I could not login ever after many tries.

Yes - A CDN is essentially like a entry door into the whole infrastructure, and it’s blocked at the minute.

We are monitoring it closely and it seems they are rolling fixes.

All systems should be operational now.

I can’t sign in to my curriculum,it replied me “oops, something went wrong”, please help?