freeCodeCamp is getting to advance lvl very fast or they skip some topics

When I do the challenges, I need to use google to check up stuff, why does freeCodeCamp, not repeat some stuff, and give more ideas of how it works?

Can they give examples that makes more sense.
When I do the challenges, they get to new topic, so you need to have already memorised the previous challenge.

I think what they do is ok.
But I was thinking if they could make a repeat challenge system, so for beginners they can take challenge again, but with different explanation.

first lesson:
1+1 = ?
repeat lesson:
1+2 = ?

with coding:
first lesson:
filter out the positive numbers with filter.
repeat lesson:
filter out the negative numbers with filter.

Hi @amejl172 !

That’s what I like about FCC.
I like that fact that it promotes the research method because that is realistic to being a professional developer.

I also think that for beginners, there is a wealth of information specifically targeted for us. Articles, videos, books, etc and a lot of it is free.

It is important to point out that the new curriculum will be completely project based.
So the repetition will be built in.


Can’t they just make a challenge, how to use google.

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That’s a valid point.

But I think that beginners should assume that answer to their questions are out there.

I see a lot of people write into the forum asking questions that can be easily found on google.

I think it is a matter of learning how to ask the question in a few different ways until you get the answer you are looking for.


Why do freeCodeCamp have a forum, when you can just google the answer?

a google search can’t give feedback on your project, for example


Actually makes sense.

There is a difference between asking questions that are easily searched by google versus asking for feedback on projects or clarification on google searches.

For example, asking the forum if img tags inline or block is something that can easily be searched for.
But asking for clarification on the differences between inline and block and how they work would be a good question. Yes there are articles about that but hearing a different explanation would help too.

I just think it is important to google first and then ask questions about what you have researched :grinning: