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Hi guys.

I am working on Mongo and mongoose section. First challenge asks for mongodb atlas database URI. But I didn’t have any idea what this is. I searched and I found but my question is about how FCC works. I asked couple times in discord but could not get any answer.

Is following website practices then completing challenges enough and what was intended as learning mechanism in FCC?

Or should I also watch related video in FCC youtube page? For example D3.js took me 2-3 hours to complete practices to move on with challenges but youtube video is almost 12 hours.

Trying to understand if I am doing wrong to only complete FCC website practices and challenges. I know that website does not show everything but I thought it was intentional to push learners to do researches required for challenges.

Hey bud, when you first land on FCC website they suggest completing the lessons in order. With that said , every subject is a learning journey. Do not be afraid to venture to different corners of the internet knowledge bank to get the answers that you seek. I was frustrated at first , then decided I can prevail no matter the link provided by FCC. You must make the decision to learn it no matter what. At least that’s currently my opinion.

Check back next week!

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Hello there,

The first lesson says this:

Follow this tutorial to set up a hosted database on MongoDB Atlas.

The tutorial will answer that question.

Unfortunately, setting up a MongoDB account is relatively lengthy. So, the instructions were moved to a /news article which you are expected to read as part of the lesson material.

I am not too sure I understand the question. So, let me know if this does not answer your question.

We often suggest to Campers to follow the Read-Search-Ask methodology, when learning.

The question of “should” is subjective. If you want to, then, by all means, watch the videos.

The D3.js section of the curriculum is just enough to get you going with the certification projects. However, as with all the certification projects, it is expected you will research more into the relevant subjects. The video on the YouTube channel is not an expected requirement for the curriculum, and the length of the video is unrelated to the design of the interactive curriculum - the Camper who made the video decided on its length.

In general, we notice Campers learn/grow the most by building projects of their own - not by merely watching someone else build projects. So, I recommend you think/find projects you want to do, and do them. If it takes you 2 hours, do another; if it takes you over 1 month, push through - when you look back, you will be able to see how much you have learnt.

I hope this helps


This helps a lot and makes my path clear again. I was following read-search-ask methodology but just wanted make sure that I am not missing anything. FCC curriculum makes it easy to understand fundamentals so we can build block by block over it by researching.

About MangoDB Atlas, I don’t know how I missed " Follow [this tutorial] to set up a hosted database on MongoDB Atlas." section. Might be because I started that section as I woke up so my sleepy eyes were not good enough.

Building projects teaches a lot, thank you very much for the advise.

Thank you again for the answer.

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