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I successfully setup freecodecamp locally (I’ll be in an airplane for more than 16 hours). While looking at this course section: “” and some other sections (java, javascript learning, etc) I noticed there are quite a few youtube feeds you have to watch. How I can instruct freecodecamp locally to PRE-download ALL youtube recordings for the above section locally? Basically I have to be online to follow this section or any other section to answer the questions posted.

Welcome there,

As it stands, we do not have any mechanism to pre-download the YouTube embeds. Also, the content completed in CodeAlly would need an internet connection (Relational Database).

Otherwise, provided you pre-downloaded all the boilerplates and NPM packages for the backend certifications, you should be able to complete the first 7 certifications minus the Relational Database Certification.

Hope this clarifies

Thanks for the update.

Not specifically looking for certifications during the 16 hour flight, just the ability to follow the section requirements and answer the posted questions. A user in Discord posted: “grep all anchor tags containing the word “youtube” and append them to a file; use youtube-dl and aria2c to download.” This method has worked for the machine learning section (contains quite a bit of YouTube embeds).

So far I pre-downloaded all the boilerplates and NPM packages for minimal in-flight-no-wifi disruption.

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