Freecodecamp mobile incompatibility issues

Hey guys,

Love your work. Couple of issues with mobile compatibility that I’ve stumbled across.

For reference these are experienced in chrome on Android Nougat 7.x Samsung Gs8+ with the latest updates, I haven’t tested them on Safari/iOS.

  1. Highlighting text to copy and paste or simply highlighting: the options to select any text or do anything with the text flicker on then off immediately. Repeated attempts only have the flicker.

  2. Duplicating text in editor. This one’s a bit of a doozy… if I add text inside a tag, be it h2, p, img, a, whether it’s normal text or an attribute, the text will duplicate on the next line down. Very strange. I thought it was just a superficial artifact, but the duplicated text stays.

Rather frustrating problems, I like to complete these tasks and projects on my phone in my break.

Once again thank you for your work, keep it up!! :blush: