Step 41 Build Registration Form

Fieldset:not(:last-of-fieldset) {
border-bottom: 3px solid #3b3b4f;

Trying to build a fieldset code that doesn’t include the last fieldset in the form. Can anybody advise me from where I am stuck?

The word Fieldset should all be in lowercase as that is the name of the tag.

The pseudo-selector you are going to use is called :last-of-type. Change it to that.

Remember that the tags you mention when styling it on CSS will always be in lowercase.

And yeah, it can sometimes be frustrating to not know what pseudo-selector, selector, or property freeCodeCamp meant to use in the exercise but that’s okay, I’ve been there, some of us were.

What’s important is you persevere no matter how many challenges life throws at you. Also, do some research/googling on the stuff freeCodeCamp teaches you, it can help you understand more on what you write.

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beat me to it, i was actually double-checking that it was :last-of-type and not :last-of fieldset haha

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