FreeCodeCamp Personal Portfolio Page Challenge

Hi guys, what’s coding(hope u got that)
Here is a link to my personal portfolio page Kinda dragged it for a long time but I think it was worth it, lemme know what ya think.

Hey man, love the styling!

Just a quick note that on my large monitor, everything looks slightly off center, it might just be my eyes, but there seems to be more space on the right than the left - only slightly though!


Hey @DKeen0123, thanks for the comment, means a lot, I will check it out.

Holy crap, your project is great! The design is mimicking freeCodeCamp’s, but you added your own little flair! Some improvements to practice -

  • It is not @DKeen0123’s eyes, your page is definitely off-centered. If it helps, everything is centered up until the p element beneath Prologue.
  • Make that header text stand out! Change the color, add a text-shadow, anything to improve the readability against the Eiffel Tower background.
  • When a link is clicked, it’s better to send a user in a new page. Just add a target="_blank" to each a tag!
  • I’m a huge fan of big footers, but I think you could improve your footer by making three separate columns, and then the back-to-top button beneath all three. It would be a great little project to practice with and it would clean everything up.
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@drregg6 am so sorry this is coming late have been a lil off point these few days, i appreciate the comment it means a lot, hope to get better at the aesthetics part of web development cos i have to say it ain’t really my strong suit. pushed the fixes in case you want to check.