FreeCodeCamp Source Code Questions and Queries

I have a few questions that are only due to my lack of knowledge on such things. I would also welcome others to post questions here in the hope of gathering informed responses to help us all on our journey.

When learning, there is no such thing as a silly question.

My first question would be:

Why are the front end files written in jade/markdown and not HTML? Is there an advantage in this method or is it just preference?

When you are using Jade you are writing HTML. Think of Jade as a high tech car wash. Your HTML goes through a car wash called Jade, then, when it comes out the HTML looks different, let’s say it’s cleaner.

The reason you are being seeing Jade is because things like Express - web app framework for node.js, uses Jade. Of course you are not forced to use Jade but it opens you up to HTML pre processors because that is the direction in which HTML is headed and has been headed. You can’t recreate HTML but you can improve its functionality and extend it’s ability and that’s what Jade does.


There are Jade lessons now? Nevermind. I just re-read. @Bouncey is talking about the actual source files for the FCC website.

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Brilliant! Thank @michaelhenderson , just what I was looking for.

Is there a code map to find the section of the code you need? Or an easy way of navigating it?

Some context: The challenges are logical enough, but what about finding files relating to code mirror, map or profile. Last night I nearly went blind looking for the files related to the profile streak count.

I find the challenges one of the least logical things around. It looks like a raw mongo dump in JSON format, kept so for the convenience of loading it back in to Mongo. It’s as unfriendly as can be for editing. And for added bonus, making any change to any challenge text means you’re made to translate it into Spanish and Russian. Most people won’t bother, and therefore won’t contribute.