FreeCodeCamp Survey Form Feedback

Can I have some Feedback on my Survey Form, please?


Hello there

Nice clean and responsive form, maybe add a lighter tone of green to the content area to have some contrast between the page and the form? Also check out google fonts ( to spice up your text - beware though you can spend ages font shopping!



Clean and simple page, and it is good for feedback form.
I can see couple of things which can be improved:

  1. It feels like there are too many different fonts on one page. Reducing their diversity can make your page neater and more attractive for eyes.
  2. I don’t like zero left and right padding (when the screen width is small). I would prefer small side padding and 100% width for white element for small screens.
  3. You can try responsive font-sizing. I think bigger font would be nice for the desktop version.