freeCodeCamp: Tribute Page

Hi, I made this project in my free time. Help me if my code seems like spaghetti.
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Nice work.

Few points i would like to add.

  1. Initially the title is in center but when you render it in mobile, the title alignment goes to left. So, if you intentionally kept it that way, that’s fine but if you didn’t then try to put title in center and make it’s font size a little bit small.

  2. You have added a link at the end of description. Link of Indian Express and your Github Profile. My suggestion is, if possible make a footer and style it different. So, it stands out and make you links look like links.

Keep coding!

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Took care of your useful suggestions and updated accordingly but couldn’t design that links at the end as I am not that of a creative person. Other than that, what you think of the code?

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For code i would say that, Try to avoid using divs everywhere. For the main blocks of your page use section and article tags. Learn about them, they are good for accessibility. Other than that, learn a very basics of UI Design so that your projects look little bit good and professional.