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Here’s to tell you that Free Code Camp now has an unofficial whatsApp group: FCC developers community; set up for those who are interested. This is not meant to replace any of our existing communication platforms, but add one with a really interesting feature: voice communication. Easy voice communication. Quick sharing and post freelance job for beginner and expert

Because Free Code Camp is a community of opinion, the link I will give below has no expiration date or user limit. Feel free to share the link and it should work for anyone who clicks on it.

Why the Whatsapp group?
The main reason for wanting a Whatsapp group is its easy-to-use voice communication, and is accessible at any time of the day whether at school at work or at the market.
We are waiting for your comments and suggestions

Whatsapp group link and additional information
Click on it to be added to the Whatsapp group:

Happy coding!

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