FreeCodeCamp vs Exam

Yesterday, I gave a competitive exam. This exam is held all over India for students who have cleared high school or will be clearing up after some months. One million students participate in this examination. And only 1-5 % of students can get into good(not my opinion) government colleges and < 0.1% of people get to choose computer science. In India, there is a lot of pressure from the parents to give these exams. I felt it too. I am an average student but expectation to get good scores(>99 percentile) by my parents is what I don’t hate. I didn’t wanted to give this exam but this is how society works, I had to appear for that. And now I feel miserable (exam went horrible). Instead of this, I wanted to learn some stuff on freeCodeCamp or other boot camps.

Please tell me how you felt about it?


The nice thing about online is you can learn anything you want, right? Just because you didn’t get in the 99% doesn’t mean you can’t become a great programmer or learn some cool code.


I can understand your situation brother , as I am from india too…here peer pressure is at another level but all wanna say is do not give up on your dreams by listening to your parents , they were expert in this 30 years back , not now . Nobody cares about your mark in exams , at the end it all comes to if you can finish the job or not . so learn whatever you wanna learn, be so good , it forces your parents to brag about you…

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I haven’t told my parents about this path. I don’t know if they’ll ever accept it.

You can perform better in programming. If you have a wish to learn it, then do it. Convince your parents about it and its scope.

my condition is same brother
look i think its your extra option just don’t leave it
keep coding
good luck from bangladesh