FreeCodeCamper Alum Job Network (Idea!)

Hey all,
I’m sort of a freeCodeCamp lurker and don’t often make posts on the forum. However, I love freeCodeCamp and have benefitted immensely from it. I’m currently in an internship at a very small start up and I tried sharing an opening for a summer internship (react native) at the start up on the forum in the Get a Developer Job section.

Within an hour the post was taken down. As a very sporadic poster (but passionate freeCodeCamp advocate) this was really, really disappointing!! It would be awesome to have a place for freeCodeCamp Alum to post job opportunities!! Can we have a specific forum section for this? Or venue where alum can give back to the freeCodeCamp community by providing these opportunities?!

I’m also a Chingu alum (from the Rhino cohort) and I reached out there and got a lot of interest. But for people that aren’t a part of Chingu, I’m afraid there is no place to find job postings from alum. This would be a great way to support freeCodeCampers getting a developer job.

Personally, once I have a dev job and am helping out with recruiting developers, I’m going to search on Chingu and FreeCodeCamp for candidates because I know they are some of the most driven and passionate coders out there. It’s just disappointing that there isn’t a place here, on the FreeCodeCamp forum, that would make it easier for future me (and other FCC alum) to do this.

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hi @jonathanwmaddison

I think this is what you’re after:

More info:


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@alexfc This is really cool!! What a nice coincidence. Thanks for the reply