freeCodeCampers' Previous Experience

I noticed that there seems to be a wide range of previous experience when it comes to the people here at freeCodeCamp. As our economies continue to change and more workers start to move into technology careers, I thought it would be interesting to get an idea of peoples’ previous working experience, before they came here to learn.

freeCodeCamper Previous Experience
  • Professional (ex. medicine, law)
  • Trades
  • Military, Police, Security
  • Agriculture
  • Administration, Clerical
  • Hospitality
  • Retail, Service
  • Transportation, Supply
  • Financial, Banking
  • Other

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I apologize in advance if I left out a category that applies to you: I’m not what you’d call a professional data scientist! :sweat_smile:

I think that you’ll get more meaningful and accurate data here:


Thanks, JeremyLT. I wasn’t looking for data per se, but rather I was interested in starting a discussion around how previous, non-coding experiences can be real assets in a technology career in general, and with coding, specifically. The poll was more of a conversational gambit. :grin:

I’ve noticed on the You Can Do This and Career Advice forums that a lot of people from a wide range of backgrounds seem to have doubts that they have anything they’ve done prior to signing up with FCC that would help prepare them for success as coders. I figure a thread around this topic might yeild some encouragement, in this regard.

I also just noted that I forgot to include IT as a category in my poll, which is funny because that’s MY day job at the moment… Whoops. :crazy_face:

It has been my experience that polls tend not to foster much discussion on the forum. People tend to ignore polls or just click an option and not really engage much further. Open ended questions tend to create better engagement.

There is also some more free form discussion on our chat channels if that’s more what you’re looking for:

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