freeCodeCampJxn Meetup

We’ll discuss python :snake: for data science (by @sdhutchins) and (tentatively) CSS grid (by @Ahstack).

Will you be able to attend?

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Sounds like a fun time. Wish I were closer. :wink:


Wish I could travel all the way from India to US to attend this meetup. Is there any way i could attend online.


Ooooo, a facetime-type meetup jam sesh!

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I’ll see about having a live stream. If I do, I’ll post it here. Thanks for chiming in. :blush:

Where are you in India? My wife is American-born, but her family is from Andhra Pradesh.

I enjoy studying javascript with Indians here in the US and remotely via’s discord server :india:

Thanks for the support @snowmonkey. :heart:

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I’m really looking forward to @sdhutchins chat! :exploding_head:

@Ahstack the force is strong with that one. :space_invader:

I am from Navi Mumbai Maharastra.

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Please note the change in date for the July Meetup.

I’m a newbie here, I happen to come across a new friend, we go talking and I inquire from the friend where Can I learn javascript, C++, Web Design and Hosting and also how to develop an App, so he advised me to join freecodecamp. Freecodecamp has been a huge testimony to my friend and I believe it will help me to acquire the knowledge that I need… Please how do I get started? Thanks in anticipation

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Hey Henry, welcome to our forum page for Jackson, MS. We’ll be going over javascript, web design, and hosting definitely, plus app development will be highly encouraged. I’d like to help you get started.

I would suggest beginning with the freecodecamp certificates on and working through the responsive web design certificate to start out in html/css before learning javascript.

Please contact me with a reply or dm.

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Thanks Eliot for responding. I really will be glad to see you put me through the process of my learning. Sincerely I really appreciate. Please what are the step to start the class with freecodecamp lecture for html,Css. How do I get the link for the class. Thanks so much Eliot.
Best regards

If you’re in the Jackson, MS area, then please contact me on twitter @techieEliot. I’d be happy to go to one of our local meetups with you and could keep you posted on the local happenings.

Also, if you’re not in the area, I lead some communities as a moderator on discord, where others are learning to code. The biggest thing I would say is to use your freeCodeCamp registration to go through the basic html and basic css certification for responsive web design.

A few of the biggest obstacles to learning to code are knowing where to start, finding community, and learning how you learn best. Two out of three are out of the way for you.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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Thanks Eliot for always taking time to reply and to encourage me with means to achieve my purpose. I was able to start one of the coding course today on which is HTML 5
Sincerely it was fun and I really had a good time of lecture. I will follow you on twitter in order to discuss more with you. Thanks once again I Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers