FreeCourses - Contribute/Feedback

Hey, Campers,

I build an app that shows a list of free courses about programming.


I need some contributions with this project, if you can add some courses that you think are good, I’ll be grateful.

You can see how to add a new course here:

If you have any tips or suggestions, I will also be grateful.

Thank’s for your time.

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looks pretty cool. Maybe the ability to click on tags so that you can filter to that tag only? Otherwise the tag system is only useful at face value. People will instincly think that the tags are there to be clicked on so why not make it so.

Also the drop shadow is a little annoying. Something more subtle would go a long way.

That said. Cool idea! Adding this to my list of websites to make. Not a clone but… you get it lol

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Thank you for your feedback!

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