Freelance (front-end) web developers: How do you spend most of your (productive, creative) time? (Excluding hunting for work and dealing with clients!)

Hey all!

How do those of you with regular, actual, paying freelance web-dev jobs spend most of your productive, creative time?

Or, what does your average assignment involve?

Productive and creative means not browsing /r/programmerhumor, playing with the new version of Firefox (although I hear it’s good), or going down a YouTube rabbit hole about space and Genghis Khan after starting with a simple video on JS arrays. And not about finding work, or negotiating with clients, or working out what the client actually wants. I mean the work that converts a specification into an end product (and hopefully a payday) - coding, primarily.

  • HTML/CSS from scratch
  • JavaScript website interactivity (“simple” code)
  • JavaScript webapps (“complex” code)
  • Digital design (Photoshop, SVGs, …)
  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress installation and configuration
  • Registering domain names and hosting packages i.e. getting something on the web
  • Backend architecture and development (complex APIs)
  • SEO…

Right now I’m deciding whether to learn the more complex parts of JavaScript and ES6 (closures are fun!..), or instead focus on WP themes/PHP and digital design, or backend (e.g. node.js). I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat :slight_smile:

(For those observant ones, yes I did post this on the FB group yesterday - although I’m curious to see how the responses here differ. Call it A-B testing :stuck_out_tongue:)

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