Freelance newbie

Is it possible to go freelance with zero in your wallet and what are the chances for a beginner to take the first order?

Not sure I understand this part of the question?

Anyway, I don’t really see how anyone can give a good answer. You are asking if something is possible and about probability. Nothing is impossible but it can be highly improbable. Just how improbable depends on factors, most of which are unknown to us. I know that doesn’t answer anything but we have very little to go on here.

What @lasjorg says, but this in particular:

Do you mean as someone who is a beginner at programming? Because if so, say you need a plumber. You ring a number for a local plumber. The person at the other end of the line says “I haven’t learned to do plumbing yet, but sure, I’ll do your job”. Would you hire them? Why would you think that there would be more than a remote chance of it being any different if you swapped “plumber” for “developer” and the developer was you?

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