Freelance web developer pricing projects

Which one is preferable to charge as a freelance frontend web devloper per hour or per project? Any suggestions or comments are wlecomed

Per hour if you can. That will prevent feature creep and the scope of the project will be governed by how much money the client is willing to continue to spend for your time. But Iā€™m guessing, in the beginning, you may have to go with some fixed-priced projects. Just make sure you have well-defined requirements. If the client breaks the agreed-upon scope and requirements it should cost them more money.

I think it is very easy for people to take advantage of beginner freelancers as you just want to start getting some clients and making some money. At first, you might not have a choice, and doing a bit of cheap work just to get the experience might be necessary. But if you try to compete with the cheapest freelance options available you will be working for peanuts and dealing with people that have zero respect for the work it takes.

None of this is really based on personal experience, so take it for what it is.


Thank you for that information

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