Freelancing at 13

Hey, everyone
I am a 13-year-old student who is still studying. I have basic coding knowledge in HTML, CSS and Python and I am learning JavaScript. I wanted to ask the forum about freelancing. Can I freelance at the age of 13 and if so, can I charge my private client who is maybe on Fiverr?
I already know that I can charge my family or friends a bit, but can I do this on a website with my private client?
Thank you all for your answers in advanced and stay safe!

Kind regards,

Yes of course you can get paid for the work you do if it’s any good.
Do talk it over with your parents/gaurdian thou.

Thank you for the quick answer I will definitely speak with my parents. Have a nice one.

I will advise you to be a little bit patient and learn javascript since you already dive into it. Well, it is a matter of choice.
Good luck!!!