Freelancing: how do I start?

Hi campers,

Freelancing seems to be a great opportunity to keep motivated and hone my skills as I do smaller projects. However, I have no clue where to start. In what websites should I advertise my services? How should I present myself?

Right now I am finishing the Responsive Web Design Certification Projects (as well as the HTML/CSS and jS courses). Most of all, I enjoy working with React. I do not expect to land a freelancing job yet, because my knowledge is still very limited. But I’d like to know your thoughts on freelancing so that I can be prepared for what’s to come:

  • What should I prepare to showcase my work? (personal portfolio website? Github/StackOverflow account?)

  • What skills should I focus on? Is it a good idea to focus on React or are there better opportunities?

  • What are the best websites to sell my services? (e.g. Fiverr?)

  • Do you know any great YouTube videos or articles on the topic of freelancing for webdevs?

Hey there.

You absolutely need some proof of work.

Nowadays everyone is “proficient” in Full Stack Web Development after copying tutorials from YouTube for 3hrs.

It would go this route:

  • build projects by solving personal problems
  • while building the projects, publish your journey, e.g. on twitter or devto
  • build a network of people, because this is how to get clients