Freezing when coding

im currently learning responsive web design and i have a problem with your site.
it freeze for about 5 - 10 second each time i go to a new step.
there is no problem with the tab( i can refresh or use other feature of the tab) and there is no problem with other tabs.
my chorme is update to lastest vertion.
my pc has 16gb of ram and use 30% of it when using your site.
i have the same problem with firefox and other devices as well.
i didnt have this problem with legacy vertion of web design
please fix it

is this issue with a particular challenge? or everywhere?

it is good with 10 - 20 first steps of every challenge then it gets very annoying

it is getting worsen.
it freezed for 1 minute for each step after step 70 for magazine chapter.
i tried clearing cache and coockies, disabling all my extentions and colsing other tabs.
but it didnt work :frowning:

What is your browser. Is it up to date?

It is chrome. yes it is up to date

I’m experiencing the same thing. I’m currently working through the (New) Responsive Web Design Certification. I’m using Chrome on Arch Linux. The freeCodeCamp frequently freezes while I’m coding. Most of the time I have to wait a few seconds to get the cursor back, but other times Chrome exits the page, sometimes I end up force-stopping Chrome, and one time my laptop completely froze and I had to shut it down.

In my case, it was ad blocking extension. It seems that google analytics is used on page and the ad blocking extension prevents these requests to be sent. Disabling the extension on page solved my problem

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note that the site is

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