Frequently Asked Questions about the freeCodeCamp Beta

I really like the new layout from the Beta’s site, make’s more logical sense to me. Hoping that stays with the site.
Getting excited … :sunglasses:

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Is there any way to disable Night Mode on the beta? Although I prefer it, ever since the new layout it’s nearly unusable.

Maps - Impossible to read:

Editor - The cursor is barely visible:

Hi, really love FCC and all your hard work. I was working away on FCC but was also using the beta version as well because I was finding it was helpful doing the tasks twice and I was learning a lot more that way; as well as the new tasks. I had an account on the beta version and did a lot of tasks but now I am frozen out of continuing with my progress. Will all of my hard work be lost on the beta version or can I commence from where I left off once it is up and running?

Beta progress won’t be ported over once the beta challenges become the production challenges. But you will be able to resubmit any projects you’ve built. And the projects are the only requirement for claiming the certificates.


I 've used beta for quite a while now. If I try to login it either re-directs me back to the original or gives the error message of not accepting new logins. I 've had about thousand points with beettaa though!

Does that mean I am loosing them? :cold_sweat::sob:

Beta has a totally separate database, and we won’t merge any of the old data when beta becomes production. This is the main reason we disabled account creation on beta - so people don’t get attached to their progress there, and so we don’t have to explain to everyone that progress on beta is ephemeral.

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Is ‘APIs and Microservices certificate’ in beta equivalent to ‘Backend certificate’ in current freeCodeCamp?

The Backend Certificate has been broken up into two certificates: APIs and Microservices and Information Security and Quality Assurance.

Oh ok thank you, Quincy

Just curious, as I can’t wait for beta to go live… is there a timeline yet when the beta site will go live? Thanks for all your hard work, Quincy, and everyone else involved.


As soon as they’re 100% tested and ready. In addition to hundreds of thousands of adult learners, many schools and teachers also rely on freeCodeCamp. We owe it to everyone to only release this once it’s stable.


Quincy, I am aware of the fact that it is annoying to ask but with thousands of people are count on it. Could you please be a bit more specific on how things are going? Is it close or will it take a while? It’s an amazing job you guys are doing by the way!

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Please why i can’t see the map challenges on beta version?? is it a problem with my computer? I only see a message “No Super Blocks” in map section. Thank you for your reply

This is a temporary bug. We’re working to fix this.

There is no “get a hint” button, and the “help” button redirects to gitter. I feel the link to the forum is more helpful as you can see what people have asked in the past with a dedicated post to that problem.

What is the plan for hints/help in the new curriculm?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Any news about a launch date?

We’re getting closer. Thanks for your patience.


More excitement than patience! :slight_smile:

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Hi. I finished Responsive design part I don’t know where that certificate is.
Is it available or not for now?

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You’ll be able to claim certificates once we release the beta platform by resubmitting your projects to