Fresno California anyone?

Hi! I will be moving to California next month. To the city of Madera, 20 min car from Fresno.

I’d like to know if there is anyone with those groups around the central Valley Area. I don’t have Facebook so I am looking here to know. If there is a place to see where are those groups are registered I would like to know as well. That way I could get in contact with them.

I saw on Medium that a developer who was part of Free Code Camp used to participate in these groups so I thought it was a good experience and I would like to try it too.

Shout out Cali I’m coming back! LOL! Cheers!

I’m in the Los Angeles area and I’m finding it a liiiiiittle difficult to find others to code with… Let me know if you’re ever in the LA area. You can also hit me up on Twitter (@JasonTHolmes)

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Hi Jason,

Wow you being in LA haven’t found anyone I believe I’ll have a harder time to find people here then. LOL

I’ll definitely add you on Twitter. If by any chance I’ll spend a day or two in LA I’ll sure fire up that Twitter and get in touch. Thank you!