From beginner to expert

Hello, I started learning about web development 2 years back. I find it interesting how the things change and new features keep coming in this field. nowadays, if u want to become a full stack developer who knows fully about frontend, backend and other important basics stuff of web development effeciently it would take a minimum of about 5 to 6 years to come in between an average and an expert web developer.

By that time various new technologies and programming languages would come up. So to be an expert you should be aware of the latest trending programming languages, softwares, and technologies i.e. you should flow with the trend and second thing which is more important is practicing. The more you will practice the better you would become.

5,6 years such a long time, do you think you can get jobs ass you learn?

Yes u can. May be u will not be an expert but far better than the others if you practice for 5-6 years. Also when u would be doing jobs on web development, in which u would be given projects to design, you would be applying what you have learned and would gain experience and knowledge both by practicing. So your level would automatically increase.

Maybe to get the title of “senior” developer takes this much time and experience :slight_smile: but I personally and know other people that have become “full-stack developers” in less than a couple years.

Being a developer you have to accept you will never know everything. You just need enough to be able to solve problems as they come and know the right places to look when there is something you are struggling.

I think this post would be very disheartening to most people learning and would like to reassure people that once they put the time in they will get there once they are focused and dedicated.

I’m a professional (no degree, self taught).

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I was not trying to dishearten or demotivate anyone. These were just my views and experiences that I wanted to share. It all depends upon how much you practice coding everyday and how fast one can learn things. It varies from person to person…so some can become an expert in a few couple of years while others
take a longer time.