From Fashion Model to a senior tech support job in 4 months - everything IS possible

There I am, sitting in an airplane that brings me from Milan to Dublin. From one of the biggest fashion cities to the city with some of the biggest IT companies.
It gives me 2 hours to write my story about how I changed my entire career in 4 months time. Hereby, I hope to give you some motivation, inspiration or belief in yourself to take over control over your life, just like I did.

I started coding in June this year during my time working as a model in Athens, Greece. This is a city where beginning models start their career, because it is supposed to give you experience and the possibility to build up a portfolio.
As a beginning model, it can be incredibly hard to book your first jobs and so it was for me. So most of my time in Athens, I spend running around the city for castings and try to keep myself occupied during my free time. But, when you have approximately 10 hours a day free time, it can be hard to find something to do to entertain yourself (especially when you can not enjoy watching Netflix like me). Also, in this industry, everyone mainly judges you by the way you are from outside. Who you are from inside doesn’t seem to matter for most clients. For me, this resulted in a constant fight with my own mind. Why am I doing this? Why do I feel so empty and am I wasting my competence to use my brains and motivation to solve some actual world problems? Therefore, I started to search online for freelancer jobs, internships that could be done remotely, online courses or anything else that seemed like an addition to my resume and a solution to the ‘I am wasting my time’-thought. It was hard to find something, but at least it kept me busy for a week. The day I found out about freecodecamp literally changed my life . I started thfe first exercises and I couldn’t stop. I told all my friends about it. I did it untill 2 o’clock in the night, untill I was too tired and satisfied about my progress of the day. I knew that building websites and apps was something I really wanted to become more professional in, but I didn’t really belief that I could do it. I was always a good learner, but not the smartest. The only reason why I always had good grades was because I worked hard and I have a lot of discipline. I for example wasn’t good in maths at all, so I thought I would come to the point where I had to stop coding because it was too difficult (yes, I am quilty of googling ’do you need to be good at maths to become a programmer?’).

I thought I reached this point when freecodecamp’s JavaScript challenges started. I just couldn’t solve them without watching videos on YouTube and just code along. But it was getting easier when I kept on doing it and I decided to take an extra course on Udemy, the Webdeveloper Bootcamp.
That was when I started enjoying coding again and I even managed to solve some difficult JavaScript challenges myself. The feeling it gives when you are able to solve something like this without getting any help is amazing and it is one of reasons why I enjoy coding so much. It gives you such a good reason to be proud of yourself.

In the mean time, I travelled to London in August and to Milan in September in the hope I would be able to launch a real career as a model. Fashion week was coming up, so it was getting very busy with 5 to 10 castings every day and I believed I was able to make it to fashion week. But that unfortunately didn’t happen. I was disappointed, but it gave me even more motivation to program websites.
I launched my first website on a real domain ( on the 20th of October, which is a very basic website, but I wanted to see something online. I had to make a big jump in the course because it meant I also had to learn some backend basics. Luckily, the Webdeveloper Bootcamp on Udemy explained everything very clearly and Google is always the solution to your problems.
I continued the Udemy course and I came to the point where you build a real blog with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Node, Express and MongoDB. I deployed it on Heroku, which is not covered in the course (read: I googled as much as I could to find out how it worked, got frustrated many times, asked for help on the forum and finally made it work).
By reading the blogs on freecodecamp, I found out about Github and the importance of showing your portfolio when you’re looking for a job. Therefore, I also linked my projects to my Github profile. And I started applying for developer jobs and traineeships, because I realized that getting jobs as a model was very complicated. Even though the agency gives you pocket money and advances living costs (read: they provide a room that you share with four other girls and give 50 euros per week to buy food, clothes, insurance, phone bill, gym, etcetera.), the style of living as a model isn’t luxurious (besides the VIP parties and free lunches and diners) at all.

One day after, my phone started ringing constantly.
There were so many companies looking for someone with my skills in many different countries.

I decided to apply for two jobs:

The interview for the first company was very basic without any technical questions.
But during my first interview withthe second, I was challenged. The job description said they were looking for someone with solid knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress or other platforms and customer care experience. A ‘recent graduate in IT’ was an example of someone that they were looking for (and I’m not even close to that with my three months of online course experience).
They asked approximately 10 technical questions about coding (what is the difference between an ID and a class, how can you create an object in an array, etcetera).
I answered all of them and told them about my own website. I emailed them the link to my own website and Github page.
My face was entirely red when I hung up the phone, because I didn’t expect those technical questions and I was not sure at all I answered them correctly.
But, both companies offered me the job.
Since the job at the second company would give me a full 4-week training to improve my programming skills, offers continuous learning possibilities and makes it possible to use my knowledge about coding during the job, I chose to sign the contract. This all happened two weeks after I put my resume online. I am now on the way to Dublin and will start working in two days.
In total, I spent four months parttime coding (a couple of hours a day) and 20 euros on books, 10 euros on a Udemy course and probably a little bit more on coffees to make this possible. I didn’t finish any of the courses yet.

So now, I just have to make it happen. I have to finish the training and then help customers to improve their websites and marketing strategies and keep on learning more and more. But how hard can this be when you can change your life in a period of four months? I love a good challenge, especially because I belief in my own capability and I know I have total control of my own knowledge. I belief you can do everything you want as long as you have the motivation, trust and discipline to do it.

I know that everyone that has made their way through this incredible long story is motivated enough to do the same I did and I hope that you belief in yourself as well.
Belief in yourself, keep on coding and don’t give up. These are the only three ingredients you need to take over control of your own life and do something that you love. If this is coding, you are lucky because I think it is way easier to start a career in IT than in other business fields, because of the high demand of programmers (opposing to modelling, where you can’t do much to become a better model and there are too many of them already anyway).

Thanks for reading and good luck in your journey!


Great read, you fueled my inspiration for the week. Thank you and good luck on your endevours, you can do it - You’re already doing it.


Thank you for sharing and congrats! Best of luck to you.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

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Awesome story! Congratulations and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Fantastic story my Friend! It keeps me motivated, thank you.

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Awesome! Congratulations on such a rapid transition into development!

Thanks for sharing such an emotional, but ultimately triumphant story of your journey so far. Please keep us posted. We’re excited to hear what you learn during your first months on the job :slight_smile:


Wow, congratulations! One thing I noticed, it seems that recruiters have really been trying hard to hire you right after you updated your Linkedin profile. Do you think it’s because of your resume? Master’s degree? Or will willingness to relocate and take an internship do that?

Hi Tomasz!

I think it was a combination of my experiences plus the fact that I am native Dutch,
they were looking for someone to add to their Dutch team.
Next to that, they preferred to hire someone who already had some experience with customer service. I worked as a customer service agent when I was 19 years old for a couple of months during my studies.
The fact that I could show my projects that I’ve done on freecodecamp and udemy showed them my programming skills were also up to date. I for example pushed all the javaScript projects to my Github.
So it was a combination of factors that made me the right candidate. I can’t really say it was just one thing… I think it’'s a matter of finding a job that suits you best!


Hi Quincy,

Thankyou so much for your response!
I will post some updates and tell a little bit more about my improvents in my first couple of weeks.


I am inspired by your super amazing story. I am not doing enough in a short amount of time. I need to do more!!! Thank you so so much!!!

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I just had to thank you for this wonderful post!!! I am a 51year old average looking malewho is still waiting tables LOL As i am just beginning a second chapter to my life, worried, scared, excited and hopeful, i hapen upon this article and it has shone a ray of sunlight and aura of possiblity to me.

Best of luck in Dublin, please keep up posted on your progress.


Congratulations on your story! This is so inspiring because I’m feeling a bit down right now in my journey. I’m happy to see that there’s definitely light at the end of this tunnel!


Wow that’s such an incredible story. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. :clap::clap::clap:

Your story made me happy and motivated me even more!


Amazing experience! Congrats!


Thank you for sharing this story. I bookmarked your post if I need to read it again for motivation. You are very brave and amazing person, may you have good luck with your new job and life in general!


feel the same hey bro mainly becuase I am working also and I need to code when im back fro about 5-7 hours daily which is not easy when you got a life and things going on but God will make a way bto


This line speaks a lot of volume to me as I feel exactly the same way. You definitely possess the trait of someone who goes after what they want and believe in. Overall, a really inspiring story with such a quick turnaround. Thanks a bunch and best of luck with your future career! :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your experience with us, but kindly i need to ask you, how should i start learning, i didnt know how to start with freecodecamp
it looks more complicated for me

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Congratulations on your transition!

When you were learning JavaScript and watching YouTube tutorials, was there anything you couldn’t find and wish was there? Or what did some most useful tutorials contain that helped you learn?

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