From Intermediate JS to React Intermediate tuts or courses recommendations

Ok, so I’m a part of a Chingu voyage and I believe we have decided on using React as a framework and express or meteor for back-end user authentication.

I need a solid tutorial from intermediate Vanilla JS (where I’m comfortable, I have run through about half the React Challenges on FCC but not projects) to Intermediate React. and whatever is in between. I so far found this:
First I’m going through the web packs tuts video is there any ther dependencies I should familiarize myself with?

Are there better recommendations in terms of courses (I can devote about 3 hrs a day or so and I’d like to be able to complete course within say a week or so)

There are members at various React proficiencies on the team so their is some help there, but I feel I’d be doing a diservice to the team not to get myself up to speed on my own time as we are all doing this part-time for the learning!

Any recommendations would be a big help!

Hey microbay, i couldn’t see your link.

there are two udemy authors that people generally love: Colt Steele and Andrei Neagoie

I love both, and have courses from both of them. If you know some coding you can fly through the intro parts.

I particularly like the data structures from colt steele. Very useful info.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@WhisperPntr Thank you for these resources! :slight_smile:

Have you looked at documentation on the react website? It’s actually really good.

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I bookmarked it read intro wanted to look a t a few vids first. How much node do I need to know to work with React just basics for installing required files and setting up my envriornment?

I’m asking in this case because that’s what we are using on backend node - express

With create-react-app not much really, maybe some very basic npm if you want to install additional deps. Unless you want to use backend stuff

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Thank you, that’s good to hear! I don’t mind delving deep but this project from start to MVP is on a pretty tight schedule with only limited time available (part time) for all of us to work on it.

As far as webpack goes, definitely learn webpack 4 There are a lot of webpack 3 courses out there and at this point its outdated and not worth learning. has a great series on learning webpack 4.

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