From lawyer to web developer thanks to FCC in 7 months

Hey fellow campers! I just wrote a Medium article about how I transformed from lawyer to web developer with Free Code Camp. I’d love if you’d take a look!


Well done, and congrats!


I also had the pleasure of getting “JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts” and it goes very deep into js.
But beware, being myself a developer for more than 15 years I can tell you your path isn’t over nor even close to it. It will be interesting when you publish an article (or several, or a book) about your developer experience 10 years from now :wink:
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Thanks! I know for sure that my journey isn’t over. But being able to work in the industry means so much for me. And as a bonus, I already know what I don’t know :).

Your Medium article is so inspiring, thank you :slight_smile: I am going through the same transition (lawyer -> developer), so it’s even more inspiring. Been hungry for such success stories.

How did you find your job? (which website, or agency, etc.)


Also a lawyer hoping to be in my first dev job by spring 2017. Love hearing success stories!


Another tired-of-lawyering camper here! How many of us are there?! LOL


Oh tons I’m sure!!!


Big congrats. Saved your article for some reading later; I’m very interested to see your story!

Great article! I am happy to hear you made a successful transition & wish you much success in the future!

On a side note, I am also a lawyer. Glad to have found the Lawyers Anonymous support group :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Well done!!!

I love your article. It is so helpful and well-written. I am new to the journey, but enjoying it so far. Thanks for the inspiration!


I was a lawyer too. Specialised on telecoms law a long time ago. I liked programming when I was a kid. Now I am 45 and learning to code again. I do not know I ever will get a job that will involve dealing with code, but whatever happens I am very happy that I have come back to this love of my youth :heart_eyes:


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