Front Development Certificate - supplementals?

Hi All,

I just completed basic algorithms and will be starting the intermediate front end projects later today. Should I be supplementing the front end coursework with additional books? I recently bought " A smarter way to learn javascript" and have recently enrolled in “Watch and Code - practical javascript” website.

Will this be enough to obtain a front end jr developer position by the time I reach the certificate? I am studying about 4 hours a day. I plan to finish the certificate by the beginning - middle of March. I, of course, plan on going back to projects and tweaking them to improve them before I begin applying to jobs.


You should check out @P1xt’s fantastic Job Ready Guide. If you really want to know your stuff, check @P1xt’s other, more comprehensive web development with computer science guide. They are both amazing!

Amazing. However I have a concern.

Should i really abandon my front end progress and follow this?

It depends on how confident you feel about your front-end skills. I abandoned the front-end at the intermediate projects section because I wanted to add some more skills to my toolbelt. I’m going to return to them once I complete the back-end section. and I’m going to build them as full apps. Its totally up to you though. If you feel like you could benefit from finishing the front-end section, then bookmark the guide and come back to it when you feel ready.