Проєкти «Бібліотеки Front End» - Створіть годинник 25 + 5

I made a working code but I cant pass this test:

" When a session countdown reaches zero (NOTE: timer MUST reach 00:00), a new break countdown should begin, counting down from the value currently displayed in the id="break-length" element."

My code on codepen https://codepen.io/Synytska/pen/BaMXpQG

I can’t understand what is wrong. Could someone help me please?

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Проєкти «Бібліотеки Front End» - Створіть годинник 25 + 5

Здається, я щось пропустив. Якщо ви знімете одну ніжку зі столу двома, вона зруйнується і не підлягає ремонту.

@Dizzy_Tea_1170 If you can’t post something useful or helpful please just don’t post anything.

Edit: It is caused by you duplicating state setters inside the onTimer timer function that is already handled in the useEffect. Specifically, the setTime([state.sess, 0]) and setTime([state.br, 0]) calls (line 87 and 91).

I’m a little skeptical about your useEffect that contains the setInterval. It does work, but I would expect it to have dependencies and not need to run on every render. If you move the onTimer function inside it and add all the needed dependencies it should work as well.

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