Front-End, Back-End or Full Stack?

Hello guys,

I am leveraging my studies and I have some doubts about specialization.

I have a little knowledge in both areas, and I’ve heard some professionals say that it’s better to know a lot about a subject than a little bit about each subject.

What do you think about it?

I see professionals claiming to be Front-end Developer, others claiming to be Back-End Developer, and others to be a Full-Stack.

Should I choose an area and become a specialist in one of them?

Thank you guys!

The usual advice in this category has to do with figuring out what you’re most drawn to. Personally, I haven’t decided this question myself because I haven’t really done any back-end yet, and can only guess at how suited to it I’ll be. I’m reserving judgement until I’ve done a bit.

The big over-simplification I’ve heard is “Would you rather work with numbers or people?” (If numbers, back-end; if people, front-end.) While of course it’s not that simple, it is a start: do databases excite you? does taking the chaos of unordered data and organizing it into a neat system, whether in computers or in your closet, float your boat? Or are you more interested in building “machines” that do things, and letting others supply the “things” that the machines work with?

One thought: I would disagree with the advice you’ve heard; to get a job, you pretty much need to know at least a little bit about everything. What freeCodeCamp provides for the most part does qualify as “a little bit.” It wouldn’t hurt to work through all the fCC material and then dig even more deeply into whatever you feel more drawn to at that point.


Thanks for the tips @AbdiViklas !! :relaxed:

I can certainly relate to your predicament. On the one hand, I’d like to focus on the frontend aspects in order to master (read: be totally comfortable), rather than be the proverbial Jack of all trades, master on none. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly apparent that in order to be marketable, so to speak, you ought to have some grasp on both fronts (frontend and backend). Something close to fullstack, if you will.

Regardless, I prefer continuing in my current direction i.e frontend, though would certainly look to grasp at least the basics of the backend stuff before beginning to apply for jobs.

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Yeah @collinstheuncoder, I agree. Thanks for your post.

I`ve been thinking about it, and surely knowing a little of each subject is essential.
After all, if you work in a team with more developers, it will be extremely useful to understand the work of each one so that the communication takes place in the best possible way.

Thanks for the clarification!

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