Front End Certificate and real work

Hello! I am at Intermediate Front End Development Projects, I looked at other part of the curriculum and I went on, when I looked at the list of offers, I thought “how a newbie can start working here?There is no need to solve different challenges or building a portfolio page”, so what do you think about it,I mean not just freelance but about working in an IT company(web desing company etc)?

I also heard about working for non-profits organizations, is it really helpful to get a real experience? And can a camper who has got the front end certificate join the organizations, I mean work for non-profits and get real experience?

I understand you!

I’m looking for some “real world experience” too!

First of all, I challenged myself to win a free Hacktoberfest T-Shirt, so I looked for some beginner “jobs” in Github (Beginner Issues ), I’m still doing that, because you can learn better how Github works and also pratice! (try this one!)… I think the most important is try to do harder things… but step-by-step… progressively! Otherwise you’ll be stuck in beginner issues…

Secondly, I will start the Chingu Voyage-3 cohort in december… I think it will be very important to gain a valuable experience.

Also I’m always trying to create some code… for example I’m using Cordova to create Android version of my FCC projects and also developing new tools for my daily use!