Front End Certificate does not show name?

Hi I just completed Front End Certificate but it does not show a name on it. It just has a blank but at the bottom there is a link to my FCC profile. Is this the usual style for a certificate? Confused because the sample certificates show a name?


Yes - we pull all your biographical information directly from GitHub.

So you just need to add your name to your GitHub account.

Then go back to your Free Code Camp code portfolio and click the “update my profile from GitHub” button.

Then your name will appear on your certificate.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.




Thanks Quincy - my name appears now :slight_smile:

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On downloading the certificate it’s not showing the name! How to fix that?

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We use HTML to add your name and completion date on top of a static image. You would need to take a screen shot of the certificate and save that.

Thanks!:slight_smile: I did that

Congrats on getting Front End Cert. :slight_smile:

Did that, but mine still doesn’t show a name. (Date and “verify this” line yes, but name no.)

i am having a doubt,which name will be displayed on certificate if i joined with github.Is it display with github user name or original name?

It should show the full name you entered on GitHub.

I still have the problem and also my certificate does not appear it just shows a broken image and in the template, it shod my certificate with no name… when I want to edit my account from Github it takes me to challenges

I have done many interviews and no one asked me a certificate?

Looks correct to me on my screen:

i am not getting my name…its showing blank space…

We import this information from your GitHub profile. So be sure to link your GitHub profile with your freeCodeCamp profile.

i am now linked in with Github profile…its showing blank space…

how to add name…i tried in inspecting the element…

I started 3days ago. I am a beginner, I want to be a developer. how many days need to get certificate from FCC?