Front-end certified a space for you

I’ll still keep up with the forums, even after joining the group. Others will too I bet. I still have the other certs to complete.

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Don’t worry - side channels like this come and go all the time, but the forum is the official base that draws in the crowds.

To me the gold standard for side channels are the Chingu Cohorts run by @tropicalchancer - so it’s worth keeping an eye out for calls for new members for those. I joined the Red Panda cohort last month and it has been an incredible experience :slight_smile:


My group it’s just 20 people for now, and I’m using this forum when I need help or to help too.
It’s not the same things…

Wish I could join your cohort too :smile:

I never heard about it, got your certificate then you will be in this group :slight_smile:
Is not easy, but you can do it.
edit: update