Front end completed - portfolio review

Hi folks,

I just completed the front-end section -yeah!- and completely rebuilt my portfolio before getting the certificate. I spent quite some time to try make it work responsively across devices, and I would need some help debugging it.

So far I just tested it on iphone/ipad and of course chrome’s mobile development tools, but I realized those are not too reliable, so if you guys could test it on the devices at your disposal in order to spot potential bugs that’d be of great help.

Also I’m not too happy about how the whole thing came out, feels too ‘boring’ to me, so any suggestion about the design and ux would be greatly appreciated. You can check it out here:

Thanks for your help!

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This is awesome:

I wish I could give you some design pointers, but I’m completely inept in that department.

Congrats on completing the front end cert!

Thanks a lot for your compliment! Really appreciated.