Front End Dev. Calculator and 25+5 Clock Project Feedback

Hello FCC community!

I just completed the final two projects of the Front End dev. certification (calculator and 25+5 clock) and would love some constructive feedback on both.

A few things worth mentioning:

  1. I decided to give it a shot using only vanilla JS to start because I want to get a deeper appreciation and understanding of what some of the front-end frameworks offer.
  2. I implemented both as anonymous IIFE’s because it was the design pattern that made the most sense to me since I don’t believe that any of the variables or functions of either app. need to be available to the outside. Either way, I would love to hear more about design patterns and organization of code which is still very new to me.

Here are my codepen links:


25+5 Clock

Thank you!


regarding your calculator project, your application looks and works good. I only skimmed over your code so I can’t give you much feedback on the logic you used, but I did notice that you structured your code nicely and you added comments, which is always a great thing to do.

I don’t know if you noticed it, but there is a little bug with your calculator. If you try to calculate the value of two numbers, where the second number is a decimal value that starts with a value, it doesn’t calculate it properly. Try to calculate something like 2 * 0.2 and you will see it doesn’t work properly. That is something you might want to look into and try to solve.

Regarding the styling I would just add, that you might want to consider adding a separate style for mobile devices.

I really like the design of your 25 + 5 project and it looks like it works very well. Only thing I would change about it are some accessibility issues that your app has. Since you used <div> instead of <button> as your buttons in the app, your app is not keyboard accessible. Also regarding your styling, the app doesn’t have a separate mobile design so if you try to view it on any smaller screens, you will see that it is not usable due to design issues.

Congratulations on solving this two projects, they can be pretty tough to solve. :slight_smile:

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Hi @kpav , I appreciate you taking the time to look over my projects and providing feedback.

You are right about the leading 0 issue and I will look into that.

I only styled my projects with desktop in mind but I need to get into the habit of setting up rules for mobile too so I’ll do that as well.

Thanks again!

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