Front end developer

what certs would i need to take for front end dev ik the firt three is there anything else

Welcome to the forum!

Skills you will need as a front-end developer:

Core, start with these:

  • HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript
  • Version control with Git/GitHub, make an account if you haven’t already
  • Working with the developer tools in Chrome or Firefox
  • Learn to use Google, documentation and AI for research. There is too much to know to memorize everything

Add while you progress:

  • CSS frameworks like Bootstrap

  • JavaScript frameworks like React

  • Responsive design → one of the hardest skills adapting an app to a dozen or more screen sizes

  • Accessibility → making sure as many people as possible can use your products

  • Learn basic design principles to develop the designs you are handed as close as possible

  • Handle APIs to communicate with the backend

  • Testing, debugging, improving speeds and first paint, improving data flows and lowering computation costs

In addition get familiar with server side rendering and server side generation (SSR & SSG). There is a move back to build the websites mainly on the server after the focus was on the client side for about a decade.

A long list! Use the FCC courses as a start, add more to cover all topics and start building projects as soon as many as you can.

Also get familiar with AI tools, they are here to stay. Try Vercels v0 to see where we are heading in terms of UI development.

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