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Please check this javascript calculator. I have got 12 / 16. Can you please help me pass.

Link -
Tell me how the design is looking.

@swarnodip.sinha Your calculator is great. And the code design is good too. But you are supposed to use React / React-redux / Redux / jQuery for javascript part. And the errors, you can only fix those with javascript with data and algorithms.
Try using React or jQuery.

Can u please tell how to use React in codepen.

Thank you so much for the feedback.

@swarnodip.sinha You are welcome. And here how to use it.

How to?

First, open the settings by clicking this button:

Then, open the JS tab by clicking this button:

Check if the Preprocessor is Babel.

Then, click on this to add react cdn link:

Type in react. You will see react and react-dom pop up. Click on those.
Then you will be able to write react.

If you just wanted to go with easy way here I have created template for those projects. You can write React, React-Redux, Redux and jQuery:

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much. Now I will be able to run react online on Codepen.

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